Tarmac Apparel

Clothing and accessories for Automotive enthusiasts


Most of us spend our days working our 9 to 5 jobs to support our passion. Our evenings are spent in the garage on routine maintenance or installing new quick release steering wheels, HID kits or spacers. Our nights find us on forums endlessly researching the benefits of going turbo or supercharger. Weekends are what we live for. Track days and car shows, sharing our passion with like minded car lovers, sharing our experiences and learning from those of others.

We are automotive enthusiasts. Many of us grew up in the garages of our fathers, hearing words that mom wouldn't want us to hear as we learned what tools to handover when they were requested. Others happened to find themselves track side at a quarter miler or an oval somewhere on the outskirts of town. Then there were those of us that spent endless nights looking at magazines and knowing these machines would be part of our future.

Tarmac Apparel is a clothing line dedicated to the automotive lifestyle. You will find us at shows, track events and local meets. Where you find engines, you'll find Tarmac. We are for all of the car community. A unifying force in an often segmented community. A reminder that whether you're import or domestic, stance or tuner, built or bought we are car lovers and we can all learn something from each other and work together to grow our passion.

Check back in with us on our blog and media pages to see what we've been working on. Check out the calendar to see the events we'll be vending, or events Team Tarmac will be participating in. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or to invite us to your events. We are a part of the community and hope to participate in as many things as we can as we grow as a company. Thanks for stopping by, and the sincerest thanks for your support!


- E F and D K
Tarmac Apparel