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The line that divides art culture and car culture is only as thick as you make it. We want to erase it completely. Which is why Tarmac Apparel is constantly working with photographers, videographers, graphic artists and mixed media artists to merge the two communities through the creation of new, original content. Find below the work of some of the artists we've been working with and explore their take on some of the builds we've been fortunate enough to work with. All photos and video are the property of Tarmac Apparel and/or the content creators. Feel free to contact us with requests to reuse or repost any content found linked to here or to request a shoot of your car!



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Fizzzyyyy's Factory Tuned IS300

Finally got the chance to lay it down with Faiz Rahman on his IS300. Thank you for the opportunity. So now, here's a little taste of Springfest for ya. song used: MENTHALO - GANGSTER LOVE www.tarmacapparel.com Cars | Clothes | Passion

Jezsika Faith's Rhd DC5 Type R

Another awesome year at Sumospeed Springfest song used: Deon Custom - Aloha subscribe!! follow us on Instagram @jezsikaafaith @tarmac_apparel @tre_infocus www.tarmacapparel.com Cars | Clothes | Passion

Nightfury S2k

Brandon Whited's S200 moments after an epic day at Springfest song used: NIGHT GRIND - xnx w sonasty www.tarmacappare.com Cars | Clothes | Passion

Kettutat's Bagged Rocket Bunny 350z

Amper Kettutat's Bagged Rocket Bunny 350z at Tuner Evolution At HyperFest song used: ESSEX - Since the Flood CHECK OUT MORE OF HIS WORK ON SOUNDCLOUD www.tarmacapparel.com Cars | Clothes | Passion

Jake's Liberywalk G37

Song used: Eddie Dingus - Haw Mix www.tarmacapparel.com Cars | Clothes | Passion

LivAuto Pit Stop

song used: inochi - ultra